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The heat protects the muscles to allow for deeper stretching and increases the heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout.  Practicing yoga in a heated room improves circulation, heals injuries and is an amazing way to detox your body.  You will feel amazing after class.


We are a friendly bunch and we will welcome you with open arms.  There is no pressure to do everything in class, we will encourage you to rest when you need too and listen to your body.  We have yogis of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Why are you called Upstate Yoga?

We believe in creating a positive state of body and mind every time we hit the mat.  We want you to discover your upstate – a yoga experience where we sweat, challenge ourselves and create friendships.

What pass is the best value?

Start off with the 30 Days of Unlimited Classes for $49 Introductory Offer, its amazing value.  Sign up for the monthly auto pay during your first 30 days for only $99 per month (minimum 3 month commitment).  Enjoy unlimited classes for under $23 per week!

Can I suspend my membership?

Absolutely, 12 Month Memberships and Monthly Auto Pays can be suspended for 6 weeks per year (minimum one week).  Just email us at

Can I practice during Pregnancy?

Bikram Yoga: yes during second and third trimester if you have a regular practice.  Modifications are required, please contact us for more information Core+ Hot Pilates and Sculpt Yoga: not recommended Yin Yoga and Hot Power Flow: yes with modifications please chat to your teacher before class  

Do Men come to your classes?

They sure do!  We have lots of males take our yoga and pilates classes. Don’t worry you won’t feel out of place.

Which class should I start with?

All classes are beginner friendly, our teachers will guide you through step by step. Make the most of your 30 Day Introductory Offer by trying all the classes on offer.

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