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On starting Bikram Yoga I lost a total of 19 kg’s within 6 months, 12 kg’s were lost during a 12 week challenge. A combination of healthy eating along with consistent...

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At first I believed yoga might help me, now that belief has transformed into a knowledge. I know how yoga has improved every aspect of my life. I used to...

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The studio for any beginner, fit or not, is so welcoming and stunning. I love that yoga is not competitive, as students, we are all helpful, supportive and boost each...

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I can honestly say I was hooked from the beginning. I loved the heat, I loved the challenge and I loved watching my body change before my eyes. Don’t get...

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I began yoga as a bet to prove that it isn’t just for women. It’s now been seven years! The physical changes are a bonus but it’s the building of mental...

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For anyone looking for an entire body and mind workout with the bonus of healing any aches and pains, then this is the practice for you .  Not understanding what...

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