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Rebranding our yoga business

March 25, 2016 by Gail Asbell

We have been bursting with excitement to share our new brand. Upstate Yoga is all about creating a positive state of mind every time you hit the mat. For us a positive state of mind is the key to happiness, get the mind right and the body will follow.

If you have not already discovered we are sisters and business partners! Its an awesome relationship – we keep it very real, we like to challenge ourselves, laugh and never take ourselves too seriously.

Having both suffered from early disc degeneration and back pain, practicing hot yoga transformed us physically and mentally. No more back pain opened up a whole world of possibility. The tragic and heartbreaking loss of our gorgeous brother Ross and soon after our Dad inspired us to chase our dream and share the positive benefits of yoga with as many people as possible.

We have enjoyed growing and evolving our business over the past seven years. Our business name ‘Bikram Yoga’ was no longer communicating the diversity of services and products or our brand personality.

Grounded in yoga we know that physical and mental wellbeing greatly affects the way you think, feel and live. It’s more than just a yoga class; our brand is all about creating a positive state of mind. It’s creating a lifestyle you love!! Its about challenging yourself, whilst also getting quiet right here, right now to empower yourself to live loud and stretch into your full potential.

Upstate Yoga is about everyday people. There are no expectations and no prerequisites. You don’t need to able to touch your toes or balance on one leg. For us, it has never been about advanced yoga postures.  We’re real, we are human, we are not perfect and that’s ok. We want people to live the best life possible physically, mentally and emotionally. We invite you to come find your upstate with us!!

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