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Why Challenge with Us & How to Stick with it

January 30, 2018 by Gail Asbell

This February, here at Upstate Yoga, we’re running a 28 day challenge. The idea is simple. Practice every day for the 28 days of February. But we understand sticking to it can be a little more challenging. If you’ve never taken a challenge before, we thought we’d share some of the incredible benefits you’ll feel as well as our tips and tricks for staying on track.

It creates a habit

When you’re practicing daily, you’re automatically creating a new habit. The thinking has been removed and you know that every day you have to go to your mat. While motivation can still be a challenge, the planning and deciding has been taken away.

You’ll notice your practice develop

Consistency really is key when it comes to physical practices. So when you hit the mat daily, you have the chance and the time to really progress your physical practice. You’ll notice you’re getting stronger, the body is becoming more capable, and you might just be able to get in and out of poses you never have before. And if you mix up yoga and pilates, your body has a chance to develop and improve over a range of movements.

You will feel clearer and more energised at the same time

While it can be easy to assume you’ll feel tired and drained after all that exercise, yoga and pilates are the type of movements that really give back to your body. Whether you use yin as a rest day or just slow down your stronger practices, practicing everyday is great for the body. Plus you will be getting back so much mental space through the mindfulness that comes with these practices. You’ll feel calmer and clearer in the mind, which can be a real weight lifted.

You’ll sleep better

Movement and exercise is wonderful for sleep quality, so is a slowing of the mind. This challenge combines both of these things and allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep better than ever before.

Tips for staying on track

Prioritise your classes

We all struggle to fit everything into out day, we understand that. But sometimes it’s just about changing priorities. Pick your classes for the week, put them in your diary, and stick to them like you would a meeting. It’s an hour a day, not a lot of time, just for yourself.

Set daily goals and intentions

It’s amazing how powerful it can be to write things down. Setting a daily goal of your class, your nutrition perhaps, or other tasks that are really important to you, makes it more motivating to get them done. You’d be surprised how much more likely we are to do something if it’s there on a list waiting to be ticked off. Intentions can also be really motivating. They can direct us to act in a certain way, so when you’re in need of more motivating, set an intention you know will get that fire back in your belly

Share your challenge with those around you

If we share our goals, others are more likely to help us achieve it. Tell your family and friends that you’re trying to practice every day and you might have to shuffle around some other activities to fit everything in. They will be on your side helping you get there.

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