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Why You Should let us Take You on Retreat

September 12, 2017 by Gail Asbell

Yoga and Pilates retreats have a whole range of benefits, beyond simply just having the time away from the hustle and bustle. From allowing you the dedicated time for your practice, to helping you to broaden your community, retreats are the perfect way to spend your time off. In April 2018 we’re heading off to Langkawi for six nights and here are some of the reasons you should think about joining.

You’re forced to connect to yourself  

When we holiday, we can often fill our time with so many activities, it’s almost busier than a workday. When you join a retreat you are encouraged to disconnect from the world inside your phone, slow down, and connect back into yourself. You have the time to connect to your body, how you’re feeling, and notice what’s going on in the mind. It’s when we notice these things that we have the power to shift them, if we want to.

You can devote yourself to your practice

Whether you’re a Pilates lover or a yoga convert, you have the time and space to really focus on the movements, the feelings in your body before, during, and after. When we’re at home, we often rush to and from classes, trying to fit class into our busy schedule. But on retreat, we have the chance to take the time to notice how we feel before class, during class, and what shifts after class. We also have the space to focus on particular elements we might otherwise miss out on, whether it’s progression, alignment, breath, or meditation.

You get to eat well without the hassle of planning and cooking

When you find yourself on a retreat, the cooking is done for you. When we are on holiday, we often start to indulge a lot, which is great some of the time, but on retreat you’ll be able to dive right into healthy eating without having to stress about or plan the shopping and cooking. It’s also guaranteed to be tasty as the food is always in very capable hands.

You often leave with a new mindset 

With time away comes a new perspective. When we have this dedicated time away from our regular scheduled life, we start to notice the things that matter the most and those that probably don’t need to take up as much time (or mental effort) as they do. We also get the chance to shift some of the ways we see (and talk to) ourselves. Mindfulness allows us to be more aware of the thoughts we have and again, once we notice these things, we can shift them if we want to.

The community you find yourself in

Likeminded people end up on retreats together, it just makes sense. Whether you know them well, have seen them in passing, or have never laid eyes on them before, you’re going to have something in common with everyone you meet on the retreat. This allows for relationships to build and grow quickly and allows you to grow your community.

You come home feeling great

Have you ever got home from a holiday and felt a bit tired and overindulged? We certainly have. But when you come home from a retreat, you’ve just spent the last week moving your body, being mindful and present, and eating healthy food (most of the time, of course). You arrive home feeling rested, energised, and ready to get back to everything your life has to offer.

Find Your Upstate with us in majestic Langkawi

We have collaborated with wellness retreat specialists Project Retreats to curate a retreat with a difference.  Join us for 6 days of yoga and pilates, sunshine, rainforest adventures and plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate.  Langkawi has been mindfully chosen as an undiscovered hidden gem with untouched lush rainforest, mountains capes and a quaint local vibe which provide the most tranquil and immersive setting to take you away from the stresses of daily life.  Jump on our retreat website to discover the amazing inclusions and retreat highlights.

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