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Staying Healthy as the Weather Changes

February 23, 2017 by Gail Asbell

Changes in season, or simply shifts in weather patterns can have a big impact on our eating, sleeping, and movement habits. Our day-to-day routines often change, different foods come in and out of season, and of course the weather can change our mood. As we look forward to autumn, we want to keep our healthy habits moving forward with us.

Here are some of our favourite ways to stay healthy, as the weather turns cold.

Set regular bed times and wake up times

When the weather turns a little colder, it can be very tempting to stay in bed as long as possible. But when we mess with our sleep, we mess with our health. When we start getting up later, we run the risk of going to bed later. And they say that one-hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight. So early to bed and early to rise, really has its benefits. We recommend setting yourself a bedtime and a wake up time, allowing for 7-8 hours of sleep and sticking to it as best you can. Your body will stay within a great rhythm and make it easy to get out of bed in the morning. Regardless of the temperature.

Use vegetables that are in season to fulfill cravings

 If you’re anything like us, the moment the weather turns cold, we want to reach for all the grains to satisfy us and keep us warm. But autumn is a perfect time to reach for wholesome and satisfying vegetables instead. Cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, and carrots are all in season through autumn. These vegetables can be roasted, baked, mashed, boiled, steamed, or pan-fried to make hearty and nourishing dishes. They also come with the added benefits of being filled with nutrients and won’t feel as heavy on the body as a lot of grains. It can be a great idea to swap out half the amount of grains for vegetables, making a wholesome and balanced dish. Add some protein and good fats and that’s a job done.

Keep moving

When our sleeping, eating, and mood shifts, we tend to skip yoga, the gym, that walk we’d planned or whatever it is we do to keep the body moving. But when we break healthy habits they’re very hard to reinstate. We recommend setting a number of times a week you want to move (3-5 is a great place to start) and sticking to it even when you’re tempting to trade the yoga pants for pajamas. You’ll be able to keep your body happy and healthy.

Be kind on yourself

While we can try our best to keep our healthy habits in place, there are a million things that can make us stray from them. And it’s important to remember that’s ok. All we do is start over again the next day.

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