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Welcome to upstate yoga & pilates

A yoga experience where we sweat, challenge ourselves and create friendships. It’s not about being the best or looking the best. It’s about creating a positive state of mind every time we hit the mat. We’re here to laugh, enjoy and not take ourselves to seriously.

Our studios are modern and inviting and our teachers are passionate and inspiring. They will help you have the ultimate yoga and pilates practice. From first time to advanced, everyone is welcome.    Our class styles are completely beginner friendly, we highly recommend you start with the 30 Day Introductory Offer and try all our class styles.

Bikram Yoga

The original hot yoga known widely as Bikram Yoga is both a workout of the body and the mind. Bikram Yoga provides consistency to your yoga practice, allowing you to improve your flexibility, strength and balance with each session. The room is heated to 40 degrees to help protect your muscles and allow you to stretch deeply into the poses and release toxins. Bikram Yoga is an invigorating style of yoga and accessible for all fitness levels. Choose from Bikram Yoga 90 minute or 60 minute classes.



A strong and powerful style of yoga, Hot Power Flow follows a dynamic Vinyasa sequence that encourages presence, alignment and connection with the mind, breath and body. The 60 minutes class is practiced in a 34 degree room with music to compliment the flow and help you to move through each of the postures. Hot Power Flow is suitable for all levels and aims to strengthen the body and calm the mind.

Yin Yoga

A restorative and reflective experience, Yin Yoga aims to nurture both your mind and body. Yin classes are lower in intensity, slow down pace and hold postures for longer durations to aid a deeper release. Designed to open and stretch the body, Yin Yoga is calming and perfectly compliments our more active classes. The 60 minutes class is practiced in a warm room to mellow and soothing music helping you to feel more relaxed. Yin Yoga is suitable for all levels and is especially beneficial for injury recovery, stress relief and improving flexibility.

Yin Roll & Release – Roll out and release muscles and connective tissue using Yoga Tune Up therapy balls and myofascial release techniques. This 60 minute class will help calm the nervous system, reduce tension and pain, increase mobility and bring balance back to the body.  Classes delve deep into specific areas of the body such as core, hips, back, neck and shoulders.  Practice in a warm room with mellow music, this class is ideal for all levels. You’re sure to feel the tune-up difference!

Sculpt Yoga

Sculpt Yoga

The ultimate body-toning workout, Sculpt Yoga adds some oomph to your Om. Following a dynamic Vinyasa flow with the addition of hand weights, you strengthen your core and sculpt the entire body during this 45 minute workout. Sweat it out in a 34 degree room to music that will get you moving. Leave feeling strong and rejuvenated

Power Pilates

This class is all about feeling the burn! You will work key muscle groups through a sequence of pilates and isometric exercises that builds intensity to tone and strengthen your body. Hand weights are used in class to ensure a full body workout with an emphasis on the core, arms and glutes. The room is heated to 34 degrees, you are certain to feel your body get stronger in this 50 minute power pilates class.



Cardio Reformer

Feel the burn, have fun and raise a sweat in our Cardio Reformer class.

This 45 minute class is designed to elevate your heart rate through bursts on the jump board combined with sequences to strengthen your core and upper body. Our group reformer classes are best suited to those without injuries.

The room is heated to a comfortable 24 degrees to have you feeling warm and ready to go from the very start of class.

Power Reformer

Get ready to strengthen and tone your entire body in our signature athletic reformer class.   This 45 minute open level class will define your core, sculpt your muscles and improve posture and flexibility.

Our Power Reformer class is open to all fitness levels from first time reformer users to the more experienced.   Our group reformer classes are best suited to those without injuries.

The room is heated to a comfortable 24 degrees to have you feeling warm and ready to go from the very start of class.

Core+ Hot Pilates

Core+ Hot Pilates

This energetic class combines traditional Mat Pilates with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and weight workouts to strengthen the core, tone the body and burn fat simultaneously. To increase the benefits and results, the room is heated to 34 degrees during this 50-minute class. Each class follows a similar sequence with slight variations to keep you and your body engaged. You will feel energised and revitalised after Core+ Hot Pilates.


The expert in anything was once a beginner. At Upstate Yoga there are no expectations and no prerequisites. You don’t need to able to touch your toes or balance on one leg. We welcome beginners with open arms and will guide you through the practice step by step. We’ll encourage you to rest when needed and teach you to listen to your body.


Hydration is key. Remember to drink lots of water prior to and after your class.


We encourage our new clients to arrive 10 minutes before class. We want to help you settle in and show you around before you begin your class.

Class check in opens 15 minutes before all reformer classes.  Mat class check in opens 15 minutes before early morning classes (6am & 7am) and 30 minutes before all other mat class times.


For our mat classes you’ll need a yoga mat, large towel and a bottle of water for your practice. If you forget, no stress, we’ve got you covered. Both mat and towel hire is $2.

A bolster or cushions are great to bring along for our Yin Yoga classes so you can get nice and comfy.  We provide blocks for all yoga classes.

For our reformer classes just bring along some water.  There is filtered water available or bottled water to purchase.


Let’s face it. If your coming along to one of our hot yoga or hot pilates classes you’re going to sweat. It’s the best part. Yin Yoga and Reformer classes are warm not hot, our best advice is to wear comfortable and light clothing. Ladies can wear shorts or tights with a tank top or crop. Guys, shorts and a singlet.


We highly recommend you book for our Reformer classes, spaces are limited.  You can book via the Upstate Yoga App  or book via our website.  Please be aware of the booking cancellation policy for pilates reformer which is detailed in our terms and conditions.

Mat classes do not require bookings but you can do so if you like. 

Come along, be prepared and get ready for an empowering session.


Enjoy our spacious change rooms with toilets, showers, hair dryers and everything else you need pre and post class. We’ve also got lockers for your personal belongings.


Yoga is incredibly therapeutic and a great way to speed up the healing process.  Before each class your teacher will ask if anyone has any injuries or if you like tell us before you get in there.  We’ll ensure you practice safely.

Our mat pilates classes offer a variety of modifications if you have an injury,  speak to your teacher prior to class for advice on how modify for your body.

Our group reformer classes are best suited to those without injuries.  Our reformer classes are athletic not rehabilitation classes and require you to be injury free.


Yoga is the perfect opportunity to get in shape, loosen up and increase your flexibility. Regular and consistent practice will help you achieve any goal you have whether it be physical or mental. Yoga can be amazingly transformational for both the body and the mind.


Yoga is about a positive state of mind for sisters and business partners Gail and Charelle. It’s more than just a yoga class, it’s creating a lifestyle you love. Its about challenging yourself, whilst also getting quiet right here, right now to empower yourself to live loud and stretch into your full potential.

Gail and Charelle have been teaching yoga for almost a decade and opened their first studio in 2009. Both suffered from early disc degeneration and back pain, practicing yoga in a heated room has transformed their lives physically and mentally.

We want people to live the best life possible physically, mentally and emotionally. When you get here you will see what all the fuss is about, a yoga experience where we sweat, smile and challenge – without taking ourselves too seriously, to thrive and be happy!



Create a weekly team ritual with private classes in our Geelong and/or Torquay studios or we can come to your workplace.


$200 at our studio $150 at your workplace
For classes at your workplace, we can provide mats for purchase at the beginning of a course or attendees can bring their own.


Can we mix up our classes with different styles? Absolutely you can choose any combination of class styles.
What facilities are available at your studios? Our studios have spacious change room facilities, showers and hair dryers. Towels are available for hire. We sell cold pressed juices and healthy snacks.
If we come to your studios are the classes going to be in the heat? Heat is optional for all classes


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